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To be completely honest, up until maybe a year ago, I “poo-pooed” follow along video stuff. I just could never get into it, and thought it was never really for me.

But some of the recent programs that are coming out in follow-along video format are really cool. I am a convert. I never thought I would say this, but I do some follow-along workouts myself now.

Not just any follow-along video workouts, though.  They have to meet certain requirements.  Such as:

  • The workouts have to be tough
  • They need to be in a format compatible with a mobile device – so that I can watch them on my phone, while travelling, for example
  • They need to be done by trainers that are really good – that have great knowledge, helpful exercise coaching points to share, etc.
  • The trainer(s) leading the workouts must be fun and energetic
  • The programming needs to be smart
  • They have to keep you motivated

You get the idea.

A brand new program from my friend Shawna Kaminski just dropped called Challenge Fat Loss – and I am super pumped about it.  I have already done a couple of the workouts from the program myself, and I am loving them.  And the program meets every one of the requirements on the list above.

So I wanted to share a sample workout with you from the program.  Get into your workout clothes, fire up the video below, and give this one a spin:

Video Recap

Workout is done in 20/10 format – 20 seconds of work on one exercise, rest for 10 seconds, move on to the next, and repeat the sequence six times through.

The exercises are:

prisoner squats
swing lunges
triple stop push ups
mountain climbers

In conclusion, I never thought I would be one to do follow-along workout videos.  But – I have changed my opinion in recent times.  Some of the new follow-along video programs are really cool.  They (the RIGHT ones) make a great addition to anyone’s workout programming!

Train hard, and have a great day –


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