Movement Progressions to Burn More Fat, Faster (new video)

The other day, we touched on the idea of kettlebell exercise alternatives – that is, scaling or modifying the exercises in a workout, to make them harder or easier, for your own exact fitness level and goals.

Today I want to re-visit this idea – because it’s SO important, for not only safety, but for optimum fat loss results.

See, if you know how to modify a workout to your level, it gives you the ability to perform nearly ANY routine you find – no matter your ability and/or training skill.  And this is pretty cool! :)

For example – in my boot camp classes, I give folks an extreme version, a regular version and a beginner version of every exercise we do.  So folks that have been training hard for months or years can pick the hardest version, intermediate-level folks can pick the medium-intensity version, and beginners can pick the “entry level” version.

I have a video for you today – from fellow RKC and fitness expert colleague of mine, Tyler Bramlett – where he breaks down this same concept, but in a slightly different way.  ALL of his programs are based around this idea of what he calls “movement progression” … it’s some good stuff.  Watch the video and see for yourself:

>> Click here to check out Tyler’s Movement Progression Systems <<

Thanks for watching, have a great Monday, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, RKC II

PS – If you like the ideas Tyler presented in the video above, definitely check out the sale he has going on all of his programs for the next day or so:

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  • Richard

    Is this a joke? There was no promised video. Only a sales pitch for his program…shame on you.

  • Richard

    There isn’t any video. Only a sales pitch! Please post the video.

  • admin

    Hey Richard –

    Thanks for your comments. Sorry you weren’t able to see the video – it is posted above, embedded right into the post.

    Hope that helps!


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