MY carb cycling food logs – for the haters :)

On Monday, I shared with you a couple of videos, from the winners of the rapid fat loss challenge we held at our studio last month.

Then, yesterday, I “re-introduced” you to the man behind the carb cycling madness, Derek Shannon. He’s the one that put together the unique meal planning strategy we used in our challenge.

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=> Derek’s 28 Day Carb Cycle Blueprint

So today, I wanted to share with you a couple of MY food logs, from when I did the carb cycling plan myself for a few weeks at the beginning of this year.

Derek set me up on his program, before I used it with my rapid fat loss challengers.  I have to say – I felt great on it, it was really not that hard to follow, and most importantly, I lost fat FAST (see my comments below for more details).

I thought that whether you picked up a copy of Derek’s program or not, my food logs might be helpful for you to see, model, etc.  Check ’em out here:

=> My high carb day

= > My low carb day


Haters – I’m sure you can pick my food logs apart.  Feel free to do so, in the comments section below 🙂  BUT – know that using this EXACT meal plan, I lost 4.5 pounds in one week.  And I went on to lose 5.3 more in the next 21 days – for a total of 9.8 pounds lost in just under a month.  So – if rapid fat loss is what you’re after – the plan works.  And at the end of the day, that’s really what counts, right?

(Also – please keep in mind, I am a big guy. I weigh about 245 pounds. So if you were to attempt this yourself, unless you weigh as much as I do, you’ll need to scale down the portions accordingly.)

That’s all for today.  I hope sharing my personal food logs will help you in reaching your ultimate fat loss goals.

Train hard, and talk soon –



PS – Derek’s full carb cycling program is on 70% off “FV special” for the next 36 hours. Get the scoop here:

=> Derek’s 28 Day Carb Cycle Blueprint

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