4 Tips to Get Your First Handstand Push Up

Today, I have a few tips for you from Logan Christopher’s Ultimate Guide to Handstand Push Ups – combined with stuff that I have learned in my own efforts – to help you get your first HSPU!!

See, handstand push ups (HSPU’s) are an exercise I have always wanted to master. At this point, I can only do a couple at a time – and those are probably, by Logan’s standards, partial range reps :)

SO, I figured that – being the author of the #1 selling guide on the topic of handstand push up mastery – Logan would be the guy to go to, to learn how to do more handstand push ups. I recently did an interview with him, where I picked up some great tips – and also got the chance to review his handstand push up guide, which is already helping a lot.

Anyway – without further ado –


4 Tips to Get Your First Handstand Push Up


1 – Train consistently

The bare minimum to improve is two sessions a week … but to really advance, go for three times, if not every day.  Think of this particular exercise like a skill – in order to master it, you have to practice it frequently!

To get better at handstand push ups, do more handstand push ups (and variations/practice drills we will cover here in a sec/etc.).  Simple :)


 2- Adequately stretch

Many people have issues just getting into to the handstand position due to wrist or back pain.  A simple way to remedy this is to work up until the point where you encounter pain – and then stop.

Here is a stretch for getting your wrist strength up :

Bend your wrist back by using your other hand to push back the fingers toward the backside of the wrist. Try to push both on the fingers and the palm
to be sure both the wrists and fingers receive the stretch. Work both sides.


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3 – Increase tension

The more tension you create in your muscles, the stronger you will get. Tension in one muscle allows the surrounding muscles to contract even harder.

Squeezing your abs and your legs while doing your handstand is a simple way to increase muscle tension during this particular exercise.

Another cool way to increase tension is with your fingers. When in the handstand position, grip the floor like you are trying to tear it apart with your fingers. This move will put tension in your forearms and give you even more strength!


4 – Be safe!

When starting a handstand push up training program you may very well fall – and that’s okay! Be sure to not start off in a cluttered area. Clear the area of furniture or obstacles so if you lose your balance you’ll minimize any damage. Having a friend act as a spotter when you are first getting started is another great way to feel confident and avoid injury.


Bonus tip! :)

Here is an example of a great first week of workouts :

Workout 1

  • Kick up into a Handstand against the wall and hold it for 3 seconds then come to feet. Repeat 10 times.
  • Pike Press 5 x 5

Workout 2

Hold handstands for a total of two minutes. Do this is as many sets as you need. From
workout to workout try to reduce the number of sets you need.


Boom!  Hope you enjoyed this article.  Take the tips we covered, get to practicing, and you’ll have your first HSPU in no time …

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– Forest

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