4 Minute Body Weight Smoker

Man – my personal workouts are going awesome!

This morning, we hit a killer KB/BW workout at the studio.  Here’s what we did:

  • Joint mobility warm up
  • Three sets of chin ups (max -1) paired with KB goblet step ups (eight each leg)
  • Three sets of single arm KB rows (10 reps each arm, HEAVY)
  • TRI-set of TRX bicep curls, resistance band bicep curls, and dumbbell bicep curls – 30 seconds each non-stop, 15 seconds of rest between rounds, two rounds total

Back and arms were smoked.  And pumped.  It rocked!!

THEN – the most “fun” part :) , at the end of the session – we did a little BW – based smoker to burn some extra fat and rev up the metabolism for the day.

Right right after we finished up, it hit me that I should shoot a quick video, showing you how you could give this one a go yourself.

This is a great body weight – only circuit that you can tack on to the end of ANY workout program – or, in a super pinch, even treat it as a stand-alone workout.

Check it out:

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Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, FNC, RKC II

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