4 “Magic” Hip Opening Drills (video)

Sean Schniederjan, RKC, shot a quick video especially for you, a reader of the FVT newsletter – showing four of the hip opening exercises from his Ultimate Hip, Knee, and Ankle Guide for One Legged Squats.

These will cure tight hips and what we call “gluteal amnesia” … which will make you automatically stronger and move better.  Try your hip hinge after doing these – you’ll notice the difference right away!

They will also improve your hip flexor and tibia strength … which will improve your mobility in deep squatting and close stance squatting … which you will need to do a full pistol.

Check out this video, and follow along with the four drills:

If you liked the drills and want more (like how to increase your one legged squats and kettlebell front squats at the same time) go here.

And remember, the special FVT rate and offer ends tomorrow:

=> Ultimate Hip, Knee, and Ankle Guide for One Legged Squats

Okay – thanks it for now!  Talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

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  • Andrew Plumb

    I’m sorry, but when a video is posted with such a glaring error as “The Tibia is a muscle” (at about 2:37) in it, I cannot take the rest of it seriously.

    Either knowledge of basic anatomy is missing or videos are posted without having been proofed, either of which are pretty poor from RKCs.

    Andrew Plumb

  • admin

    Hey Andrew!

    Thanks for pointing that out. You are very right, the Tibia is not a muscle 🙂 I’m sure it was an honest mistake – but I’ll make sure to let Sean know about it.

    I would argue, though, that the video still contains some great info – give the drills a chance, and see how they work for you!

    Take care –


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