3 Ways to Build REAL Abs Faster

In yesterday’s article – ‘How To Get a Flat Stomach – Without Dieting‘ – we talked about the importance of strong and well-developed abdominal musculature, if your fitness goals include getting a flat stomach …

Today, I have a guest article for you from a fellow RKC and NorCal resident, Tyler Bramlett.  It’s all about the 3 keys to developing awesome abs that look as good as they perform. Take a moment to check it out.

– Forest


The 3 Secrets (You’re Not Using) That Will Guarantee You Build Awesome Abs
By Tyler Bramlett
Author, the Warrior Abs System

You want abs, right?

Of course you do, we all do. But … why do so many people do rep after rep and never get anywhere?

I’m sure you’ve met someone in the past that was doing 100, 200 or even 1,000 reps of situps or crunches a day, and they still had nothing to write home about when it came to the abdominal development department. So what the heck are we all doing wrong?

In this short article, I want to share with you what I consider the 3 lost keys to abdominal training that will help you to build abs that look as good as they perform.

But before I share those 3 keys, let me explain a little about why you have never heard of this before …

99% of the people out there think that more work is the answer to developing their abs.

This is wrong … and if you are one of the people cranking away doing rep after rep and still never seeing results, then listen carefully – because I’m about to change the way you look at ab training for good.

The method I use, which I call the PM3 Method, addresses more than just reps.  It shows you a planned system of exercises, that you can use to develop world class abs, that look as good as they perform by using a perfectly designed series of progressive abdominal movements.

Here’s how it works…

Part 1: Strength & Stability

As I said above, most people make the mistake of focusing on just adding rep after rep of simple ab exercises. Does this actually build strength in your abs?  Well … only to a point, once you reach a certain amount of reps you begin training for muscular endurance, which will ultimately shortchange your ab results!!

Let me explain…

When a runner decides to keep going further and further and focuses entirely on distance, what happens? Do they get stronger and build more muscular strength and tone? No, they become a marathon runner whose muscle strength and tone decreases as a sacrifice to achieving more and more endurance.

When a runner decides to focus exclusively on building short bursts of strength and power what happens then? Do they get stronger and build better muscle tone? A Big Fat YES!! They become sprinters who increase their muscular strength and tone because of their emphasis on building strength and power. Look at a picture of a sprinter vs. a marathoner to see what I mean.  Do you want sprinter abs or marathoner abs?

That’s exactly why the first key of the PM3 method is to focus on building maximum strength in your abs. Without building real strength in your abs, you will have a greater chance of getting injured and will decrease your overall abdominal potential.

Part 2: Flexibility & Range Of Motion

Here’s where things go wrong in most peoples training. Most people never even think about how active flexibility contributes to six-pack abs. But take a look at any gymnast’s ab routine, they use exercises that focus on building not only great strength, but also dynamic flexibility.

When you use the PM3 Method, you will learn how to build flexibility at the same time you build strength. When you add these exercises into your workouts, you will not only increase your performance, but you will get awesome abs even faster!

Part 3: Balance & Coordination

This final piece of the PM3 puzzle is perhaps the most neglected component of your training. Even if you’ve discovered the unique method of combining strength training with flexibility, you will still be neglecting how critical balance and coordination really are to developing abs that look as good as they perform.

Core imbalances can devastate your results, limit your strength and performance and are linked to almost every injury known!! The third key contained in the PM3 method is an emphasis on mastering core control by using little known activation techniques to not only help core imbalances but accelerate your ab training results even further.

The PM3 Method integrates all 3 of these components into one set of exercises to maximize your results building awesome looking abs that look as good as they perform!!

If you wanna check out a done for you system that uses these no B.S. fat loss principals check out the brand new Warrior Abs System. This system contains an idiot proof, step-by-step method to building abs that look as good as they perform!

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That was some awesome, thought-provoking stuff, Tyler.  And also right along the exact lines of what I preach at FVT.  Thanks again so much for sharing this with us!

That’s all for today … train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, RKC II

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