[video] Turkish Get Up + Chin Up Ladder Workout

Today’s workout is one of my favorites.

The Turkish get up requires a high level of body awareness … it requires all of the muscles in the body to work together to accomplish the task … and it requires strong shoulders, hips, and core muscles.

And chin ups / pull ups are one of the best indicators of total body fitness. If you are a woman and you can do a few pull ups … or if you are a man and you can do 10 or more … you probably have a solid bodyweight-to-strength ratio, relatively low level of bodyfat, and good overall level of fitness.

Put these two moves together, and you got one heck of a total body workout!

Check it out:

Turkish Get Up + Chin Up Ladder Workout

1 TGU R/L – 16k
10 chin ups
1 TGU R/L – 20k
8 chin ups
1 TGU R/L – 24k
6 chins ups
1 TGU R/L – 28k
4 chins ups
1 TGU R/L – 32k
2 chins ups

Watch the video walk thru here:

So there you have it – one of my favorite total body workouts, the Turkish Get Up + Chin Up Ladder.

The only thing left for you to do is to give it a try!

Train hard, talk soon –

– Forest Vance


485 Online PT Leads in 30 Days

Steven Digital Nomad

I know that getting a stream of consistent leads is something a lot of trainers struggle with … and I KNOW that if you had 485 people who were interested in training with you, that you could get at LEAST 5 or 10 of them as clients … and 5 or 10 online training clients is ALL YOU NEED to generate an extra $1000-$2000 per month in your online personal training business … so let’s do this! 😉


We go more in-depth into the concepts in today’s article – and you can get my personal help and feedback in the process – in Unchained, my 6 Week Online Business Bootcamp


Step 1 of generating 485 online PT leads in 30 days is getting a system set up where you can collect those leads.

The way we’re going to do this is by creating a training course of some kind on a focused topic to give away for free.

This is people’s entry point into your world, if you will. It’s your chance to give away some of your best stuff – for FREE – wow your prospects, and start a great on-going relationship with them.

That’s why we want to make it GOOD, and on a topic that people really want.

An easy way to get ideas for this is to do an informal survey … ask your current training clients, your social media followers, etc – what are the BIGGEST problems they are struggling with? … and you create a short, but highly useful, training around that.

You can also just expand on a successful blog post, video, etc that you may have done in the past.

It doesn’t have to be BIG – a 10 minute video or 5 page PDF report is great – but it needs to solve a big problem for folks, and be valuable and genuinely useful.

Once you’ve got this done, then we have to set up a way for people to get their hands on it.

You’ll set up a page where folks can put in their email address, will automatically be added to your email list, and then send your free gift.

And BOOM – your lead generation machine is up and running!


Now, for STEP 2 –

We are going to focus on driving people in a variety of ways to that page, and getting them to exchange their email address for your free give-away.

There are MANY ways to do this … but I would start with writing articles, doing YouTube videos, and social media.

The idea being, you provide folks with a great article, video, social media post, whatever … and at the end, you say “hey, if you liked this post, you’ll LOVE my free report on xyz – go to www.xyz.com to get it!”

Here’s an actionable plan to get 485 new people on your list in 30 days or less:

1. Post 3 times per day to your Facebook fan page and / or Instagram account. 2 of those posts are useful content, 1 of them is a link where you send folks to check out your free report. You’re able to get 10 people per day to click the links from social media … 5 of those people sign up to get your free course … and you get 5 new people per day on your email list this way.

2. Land one guest post per week on a blog in your niche. You give that blogger a free content piece in exchange for a link back to your squeeze page. This gets you an average of 100 clicks to your squeeze page every time an article is posted, and an average of 50 new subscribers per week.

3. Post one new video to YouTube per week. Each video gets a couple hundreds views, and you have 10 or 15 of the folks who watch it end up going and getting your free training as well.


So in 30 days, we can easily get:

— Social – 5 subs / day = 150 total
— Guest articles (5) @ 50 subs / each = 250 total
— YouTube – (5) @ 10-15 subs / each = 85 total


Hope this helps!

Thanks, talk soon –

– Forest

PS – Get my personal help in putting all of this into action, and making it work for YOUR specific situation, here:

=> Unchained – 6 Week Online Business Bootcamp for Fit Pros


5 Minute No Crunches Ab Workout

There is a LOT of research out there indicating that crunches and sit ups are are a bad idea.

It could also be argued that many fit people have done them for years without a problem – and that in moderation, they’re perfectly fine.

At the end of the day, the jury is still out. My current position is that there are safer and more effective alternatives to crunches and sit ups for working the abs.

And so today, I have a new 5 minute no crunches ab workout for you to add to your repertoire!


5 Minute No Crunches Ab Workout

You’ll start off with a high plank.

Hold for 20 seconds.

Then, transition RIGHT into the opposite arm / opposite hip touch.

Do this for 20 seconds.

The last move in the sequence is a cross body mountain climber. Transition immediately into this exercise, and hold for 20 seconds as well.

Rest about 30 seconds when you’re done, and repeat the rotation two more times for a total of three rounds.

Watch the video for a breakdown of the workout and for more coaching cues / tips on the exercises:

There you have a very simple – but very effective! – no crunches, no sit ups, no equipment required ab workout you can do anywhere in about five minutes.

Try it, and let me know how it goes.

Thanks for watching, and see you next time –

– Forest Vance


Unchained – 6 Week Online Business Bootcamp for Trainers and Coaches

Now this is NOT for everyone.

But if you are looking to get your fitness business online, help people around the world, and build the foundation for a six-figure online personal training business …

If you’ve been trying to get your business online, and either aren’t making the progress you think you could be, or even just aren’t sure where to start …

And if you can commit to working on this for 60 minutes per day, five days per week, for the next 6 weeks …

Check out the page at the link below:

=> Unchained – 6 Week Online Business Bootcamp for Trainers and Coaches

Because you don’t want to miss this unique opportunity.

Look forward to working with you!

– Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training
Owner, FVT Publishing and Consulting


Did you miss this?

Our first Unchained Mastermind meeting is a wrap!


We kicked off with a “signature” FVT Lean and Jacked workout at the gym on Thursday afternoon …

Had several great meals together …

And had a VERY full day on Friday, digging into everyone’s individual businesses, and making fast track plans for success.

Can’t wait to see all the progress these already successful fitness business owners are going to make before our April meeting in Vegas!

Now it’s too bad that you missed the meeting.

And of course, I can’t share what we covered – in respect to the time, energy, and financial investment folks in the group have made it be a part of it … what happens in the Unchained Mastermind, stays in the Unchained Mastermind 😉 –

But I CAN tell you that one thing that came up over and over in our meeting was the concept of FOCUS.

You see – when it comes to goals you’re trying to reach … whether it be taking your business to the next level, or losing 35 pounds, or adding 100 pounds to your deadlift …

FOCUS is truly the key to success.

And many times, it not so much what TO focus on for success … it’s what NOT to … that is TRULY needed to get where you want to go!

I recently came across an article about Warren Buffet that illustrates the concept perfectly.

He put his personal airline pilot through a three step exercise.

He had him write down his top 25 career goals.

Then he asked him to review the list, and circle his top 5.

His pilot did so with some careful consideration … and then said he would get to work on the top 5 goals right away!

Buffet then asked him about the 20 he DIDN’T circle.

His pilot said they would not be a priority, but he would work on them when he had the time.

Buffet went on to explain that the 20 he didn’t circle, were NOT to be worked on … they were his AVOID-AT-ALL-COSTS list!  Because until he achieves the top 5 … all the time and energy and resources he spends on the other 20 … is the ENEMY of him reaching his biggest goals.

Powerful, right?

And very applicable to you.

This applies to all aspects of your life.

So take some time today, and think about what YOUR top business, fitness, and life goals are for 2017.  Pick your most important ones.  And make this the year you FOCUS … and knock those goals out of the park!!

To your success –

– Forest

PS – If you are interested in joining the Unchained Mastermind in 2017, let me know. I am purposely keeping the group SMALL … and there are actually a couple of folks who weren’t able to make it out to Sacramento for our first in-person meeting, and are actually missing from the pic above … but we do currently still have a couple of spots open as we move into 2017.

PPS – If one of your big goals right is starting an online training / coaching business, also be sure to stay tuned. I’ve got a coaching program coming next week on the topic that you’re going to LOVE 🙂


Kettlebell / Bodyweight Beat Down, Workout A

Image result for kettlebell bodyweight beat down

The Kettlebell / Bodyweight Beat Down routine is TOUGH …

But these are the type of workouts that can get you SHOCKING fat loss results with about 20 minutes of training time, 3-4x per week.

Let’s do this:


Kettlebell / Bodyweight Beat Down, Workout A

1 – Alternate exercises back and forth and do three sets total of each; rest for about 30 seconds between moves:

– double KB swings – 12 (just use a single KB if you only have one)
– bear crawls forward down, backwards back – 10 yds ea way (use a cone / etc to mark off distance)

2 – Next pair is in a LADDER format … so you’ll do 1 chin up, followed by 4 alternating reverse lunges, 2 chin ups, 6 reverse lunges, etc … once you get to the “top” of the ladder (3 chins and 8 lunges), rest a bit, then go back to the bottom and repeat one more time for a total of two rounds:

– chin ups – 1,2,3
– alternating reverse lunges – 4,6,8 (each leg)

3 – sprints – three rounds:

– run approx 200 yards
– start a new set every 90 seconds
– your rest is the time it takes between when you finish and the next set starts (ex – you run 200 yds in 45 secs; you get 45 secs rest … run it in 60, you get 30 seconds rest; etc)


Hope this helps as you plan your training for 2017 –

– Forest

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BB/KB/BW Football Boot Camp Workout

Today’s workout is a boot-camp style workout for “regular folks”, inspired by my (American) football background.

This is a (shortened) version of what our workouts looked like back in the day.

We’d start with a dynamic warm up … move to some strength work … head outside for conditioning … and finish with some core work / stretching.

Hope this helps as you plan your training for 2017.

*You’ll get the full version of this workout – with video exercise descriptions and more – as part of my Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts Mega Pack, on sale this weekend for Black Friday / Cyber Monday:

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Football Boot Camp Workout

1 – Dynamic Warm – Up:

Lunge With Reach – 10 each leg
Inch Worm – 10 each leg
Sumo Squat to Stand – 10 each leg

Repeat this circuit two times non-stop.

2 – Strength Circuit:

Deadlift – 5 Repetitions
Double KB Push Press – 8 Repetitions

Alternate these exercises for ten minutes, resting as needed. Use around 60-70% of your 1RM on the deadlift, and around 50-60% on the push press.

3 – Conditioning Circuit:

Run ~ 200 yards
20 Jumping Jacks
Run ~ 200 yards
20 Mountain Climbers
Run ~ 200 yards
20 Body Weight Squats
Run ~ 200 yards
10 Squat Jumps

Repeat sequence for ten minutes for as many rounds as possible. This workout is best done on a track where you can simply run half a lap for your 200 yards, or on a football field, where you can run the length of the field and back.

4 – Ab Circuit:

Planks :30 hold
Dead Bug – 10 (per side)

Repeat this sequence three times, resting as needed.

5 – Flexibility:

Pick three tight muscle groups for a static stretch, hold each for 30 seconds.


Remember – this workout is just one of 72 you get in the KB Boot Camp Workouts Mega-Pack.

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Signing off for now –

– Forest Vance


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7 Minute KB / BW / Jump Rope Workout (simple, but TOUGH!)

Check out this kettlebell / bodyweight / jump rope workout.

You can do as part of a training session as your “metabolic conditioning” piece …

Or add a quick dynamic warm up, and it could be a stand-alone abbreviated high-intensity workout in itself.

I did this one recently and it took me about 7 minutes to complete, using a 32 kilo ‘bell, and really pushing the pace –

Can you beat my time? 🙂

Give it a try, and let me know!


7 Minute KB / BW / Jump Rope Workout

*Take the 21 day “Dominate Your Double Unders” Challenge to improve your jump rope skills and potentially take MINUTES off your time for workouts like this one*

10 Kettlebell “Ground to Overhead”

5 Pull Ups (if standard pull ups are too hard, do 10 recline rows instead)

15 Double Unders

Do 4 rounds as FAST as possible!


Have fun! –

– Forest Vance

PS – You can search all around, but you’ll have a hard time finding a better course than “Dominate Your Double Unders” when it comes to learning how to PROPERLY jump rope – from the basics, to dominating your double unders:

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5 Technique Tips for a Bigger Deadlift

Congrats to Team FVT on a job well done at the 11.13.16 Sacramento Spartan Sprint!

FullSizeRender (11)

We trained together for eight weeks leading up to the event, and I think it really paid off.

The course distance was about five miles, but there were 20 or so obstacles … which means there was as much picking up heavy objects, climbing over walls, and swinging from monkey bars … as there was running.

And this is why the STRENGTH portion of our training program was just as, if not MORE, important than the conditioning.

We did a lot of different things in the training … one that was new though, and that I think helped a LOT … was deadlifting everyone for the first 1/2 of the two month program.

Several folks commented on how they felt it helped get them stronger and increased their confidence on event day.

Deadlifts are a GREAT lift.  They are one of the best, if not THE best, exercise(s) you can do to build total body strength.  And they have a lot of application to MANY different training goals.

That’s also why they are also a staple of HOLIDAY GAINZ (I am extending the intake period for this pilot program – details and how to inquire copied at the bottom of this message).

But they are also HIGHLY technical … and you need to make sure your form is solid before jacking up the weight and really going for it on the lift.

So check out the tips below, and implement them today for safer AND stronger deadlifts!

– Forest


5 Technique Tips for a Bigger Deadlift

1 – Get your back flat.

Your shoulders should be down and back, your back flat, and your upper back tight and positioned right over the bar on your set up.

2 – Set up with the bar right above the middle of your feet.

When you reach down to grab it with your hands, your shins should end up touching it.

3 – Take the slack out of the bar when you set up and get ready to lift.

This will feel a bit like you’re pulling up on the bar and driving your feet into the ground at the same time. Another way to think about it is like you’re wedging yourself between the bar and the ground.

4 – Stick with the double overhand grip for as long as possible.

At some point, when the weight gets higher, you’ll have to switch to the mixed grip. But the double overhand grip is most symmetrical and easiest on your body.

5 – The bar path should be straight up and down.

NOT around your knees, out in front of your body, etc.



The Holidays are the BEST time of year to switch your training goal from fat loss to muscle building. You’ll effectively utilize those extra calories, and feel less stressed about having a few bites of pie!

So I’m starting a “Holiday Gainz” pilot program, and I’m looking for a few specific people who want to build muscle during the Holidays.

This will be a six week, small group coaching program where I work with you closely to help you gain strength and lean muscle through the Holiday season. I’ll give you the exact workout plan to follow, and I’ll give you personal coaching / attention / tips to help you make the fastest progress possible.

So if you:

— Are looking to gain strength and/or muscle mass
— Can commit to training 3x per week for the next 6 weeks
— Have access to (or can get access to) a basic barbell set up, a couple of kettlebells, and a pull up bar
— Are friendly and coachable

Reply to this message and let me know.

** I am extending the intake period through this week – lots of inquiries still coming in, and in fairness I want to make sure to consider everyone who is interested in the program. **