20 Minute Kettlebell Workout from London

by admin on September 24, 2016

I am in a SERIOUS busy stretch for a few weeks!

Last weekend we had a meeting in Sacramento with our Renegade Fitness Entrepreneurs group …

This weekend I am in London for a business event as an attendee …

And two weekends from now I will be in San Fran, speaking at the NorCal fitness summit.

VERY fun though, and so great learning and connecting … and just showing up and making it happen!

With the hectic schedule, it’s almost unavoidable to end up eating out a lot of the time. I am doing my best to stay on track – but it is a constant challenge.

That’s why I am also being sure to keep up with the workout schedule, no matter WHAT.

And since the circumstances call for workouts that are short, efficient, and require little (or no) equipment – having the Kettlebell / Bodyweight Workouts Mega Bundle workouts to pull from is KEY.

Here is the workout I did this morning (there is a little gym around the corner from where we are staying and they had a couple of KBs there, which was awesome!)


Kettlebell / Bodyweight Beat Down – Workout B
included in the Kettlebell / Bodyweight Workouts Mega Bundle

1 – Set your timer for one minute intervals. On the minute, every minute, you’ll do 5 KB presses right, 5 KB presses left … your rest is the amount of time that’s left on the clock between when you finish the set and the next minute interval starts. Do this for 5 minutes, for a total of 5 sets of 5 reps on each side of kettlebell presses.

2 – Next, we have a couple kettlebell complex – do three rounds total, resting about 60 seconds between rounds (if you only have one KB, just do the total number of reps on one side, then repeat on the other side, for a total of three rounds on each side) … do NOT set the kettlebell down until you’ve completed the entire sequence:

– snatch – 4
– front squat – 4
– swing – 8
– lunge – 4

3 – Finish by doing as many reps as you can of each exercise in 30 seconds; take as little rest as you can between moves and about 30 seconds of rest between rounds; do three rounds total:

– high knees
– hindu push ups
– lateral hops
– inverted rows
– lunges


No matter what you have going in your life or how busy your schedule gets, you can always keep the training going, so that you can stay in shape and keep progressing towards your fitness goals.

Workouts like the one I shared with you today are perfect.

But just one is probably not enough.

So if you current routine is getting boring …

If you are a trainer and you are looking for new and fresh ideas for your clients …

If you just would like to have all of your workouts pre-programmed for you for the next year, and not have to think about it …

Then you should also check out the 75% off sale we have going on the Ketlebell / Bodyweight Workouts Mega-Bundle this weekend:


Rock on, and thanks for reading! –

– Forest Vance
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Master of Science, Human Movement


The Turkish Get up is one of the BEST kettlebell moves around.

It requires shoulder stability and control, core strength, and leg drive – all things essential to lifting heavy weights, and to being an all-around strong-ass person.

BUT – it’s also one of the trickier KB moves to master, and is also probably the exercise I get the MOST technique questions about.

So check out today’s video for and “unusual” tip to improve your Turkish get up:

Since it relates to me learning a routine for the first dance at my wedding … you’ve PROBABLY never heard of it … but take the 90 seconds to watch the video, and I think you’ll find it very helpful!

Train hard, talk soon –

– Forest Vance
Certified Kettlebell Instructor


Before you grab a kettlebell, make sure you don’t make these mistakes and risk serious injury …

13 Dangerous Kettlebell Training Mistakes – and How to Fix Them


Craig Ballantyne, bodyweight fat loss expert and creator of ‘Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workouts‘, calls routines like the one I’m sharing with you today, “Desert Island Workouts”.

This is because you could be stranded in the middle of nowhere, like Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”, and you could still do them from start to finish … with no substitutions!

These are designed SPECIFICALLY for folks who want to blast fat, gain lean muscle, and get a great workout in a short amount of time – with zero equipment.

So NO excuses – give this one a try today:


“Desert Island Workout” for fat loss (Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workout #16)

Warm-up (30 seconds per exercise) – 5 minutes

— Jumping Jacks
— Pushup
— Stick-up
— Running in Place

Rest 1 minute before repeating 1 more time.

TT Strength Circuit (30 seconds per exercise) – 5 minutes

— Vertical Jump
— Spiderman Pushup

Rest 1 minute before repeating 1 more time.

TT Tabata – 10 minutes

— BW Squats – 20 seconds BW squats plus 10 second walking recovery x 8 rounds

Rest 2 minutes and take water break

— Touchdown Forward Lunge plus Pushups – 20 seconds touchdown forward lunges plus 10 seconds pushups x 8 rounds

TT Total Body Abs Circuit (30 seconds per exercise) – 5 minutes

— Spiderman Climb
— Plank on 1-Leg (30 seconds per side)
— Burpee

Rest 1 minute before repeating 1 more time.

Cool-down, Stretching & Water Break – 5 minutes



It’s desert island fat loss workout time.

Get to it!

And let me know how it goes for you –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

PS – If you liked this workout, you can get 21+ more like it from Craig at the link below:

=> 21 TT Boot Camp Workouts

You’ll also get some resources designed specifically for fit pros – so that you can use these workouts to build your bootcamp program … WITHOUT having to drop thousands of dollars on equipment.  Pretty sweet.  Don’t miss it 😉


TT Abs 300 Workout

by admin on September 15, 2016


A couple of days ago, I shared with you what I think is the #1 “rookie” workout mistake – programming your own workouts.

I also shared a resource to help – with dozens of done-for-you workouts that are programmed FOR you – so that you can focus on hard training, coaching (if you are a fit pro), etc.

We got a lot of positive feedback on that one – so wanted to keep things going, and share a sample workout from another one of my favorite “workout library ” resources – Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workouts.

Check it out:


TT Abs 300 Workout
from Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workouts

Go through the circuit TWO times, resting as much as needed between

— Cross Crawl – 10 reps per side
— Plank – 20 second hold
— Prisoner Squat – 10 reps
— Side Plank – 15 second hold per side
— Mountain Climber – 10 reps per side
— Inverted Row – 10 reps
— Stability Ball Rollout – 5 reps
— 1-Leg Hip Extension – 10 reps per side
— Spiderman Climb – 5 reps per side
— Chop – 10 reps per side
— Pushup – 15 reps
— Bird Dog – 5 reps per side
— Stability Ball Leg Curl – 10 reps
— Plank with Arms on Ball – 10 second hold


Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workouts was one of the first ebooks I purchased – seven or eight years ago I believe. And it continues to be one of my all-time favorites. I literally use the workouts in this manual – and ideas from it – in my boot camp workout programming daily.

Craig (creator of the program) has got it – as well as a couple other bonus training and business resources – on sale for a short time.  DEFINITELY check this out, whether you are a trainer or coach, or you are just looking for more cool bodyweight – only workout ideas … it’s a super high quality product, at a super value price.

(Seriously – the normal retail price of this program is 99 bucks – which makes it more than 90% off right now!)

Get it here:

=> Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workouts

Train hard, talk soon –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer


Meet Me in San Fran?

by admin on September 14, 2016

I am SUPER pumped to be speaking at the NorCal Fitness Summit in San Francisco next month.

Hope to see you there?


I attended this event last October, just to learn and network and grow – and was BLOWN AWAY.

It was one of the top fitness industry events I’ve been to – EVER.

And given that I’ve attended over 30 over the last 10 years or so (that I can count off the top of my head) – I think that says a lot!

So I am incredibly honored to be featured as a speaker this year.

And I wanted to share info on the event with you – in case you’re interested in attending.

Here’s a bit about it event, from the NCFS website:

“The NorCal Fitness Summit is a 3-day life changing experience that will enrich your mind, build your community and guide you and your fitness business through a personal journey to reach your greatest human potential.

Whether your income isn’t where you would like it to be, or you never seem to have enough time to grow, or find growing your client base challenging, you will find not just answers, but also solutions to your challenges at the Nor-Cal Fitness Summit 2016.

Imagine a setting where leading fitness professionals, trainers and entrepreneurs gather together with one single intention: to target the typical headaches and growing pains of running an independent fitness business and creating a blueprint solve them the smart way.

What we are doing at this summit is building on your skill—and leveraging the expertise of the community to help you grow your business the smart way. Eliminating the limitations holding you back from more success and how to eliminate them for good.

With over 200 professionals meeting and mingling, this event isn’t just about growing: it’s also about empowering you through education, meeting inspirational people and networking. There is no other summit like it in the world.”

Now if you are considering attending, you’ll want to reserve your spot ASAP – because the 40% discount on registration ends tomorrow at midnight.

Click the link below to get all the info and register:

=> NorCal Fitness Summit 2016 (40% discount link)

And forward to meeting you in San Fran!

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer


#1 “Rookie” Workout Mistake to Avoid

by admin on September 13, 2016

I bet you’re making this “rookie” workout mistake.

And I BET you can’t guess what it is! ;)

Ready for it? …

It’s programming your own workouts.

But don’t worry – it’s not your fault.

Most people make this mistake when they’re first getting started.

I made this mistake myself for the first few years of my own training.

I read a few fitness – related books, magazines, and websites … and thought I knew all I needed to know! ;)

So I wrote all my own workouts.

I DID get okay results – because I trained hard, and was consistent –

But I SHOULD have just found a program that was geared towards my goals – or better yet, listened to my college strength coach, and followed the program he gave us! – and I KNOW that my results would have been even better.

Then I made the same mistake when I first got started in the fitness industry.

I was a young trainer and I thought I knew everything.

So I would write all of my client’s workouts from scratch.

Not only was the programming *just okay* … and not as effective as it could have benn … I could have also saved a TON of time, if I had utilized some programs like this one:

=> 101 Bootcamp Conditioning Circuits

You see – there is SO much great “done-for-you” programming these days, that you can literally swipe and use … from all the top trainers in the world! … out there for the taking.

I have programmed thousands and thousands of workouts for thousands and thousands of clients at this point in time … so I DO do some programming myself at this point in time … and this is certainly a good goal to work towards …

But I also use MANY of these done-for-you workout progamming templates / packages to get new ideas and even to simply “swipe and deploy”.

So if you are still in the first few years of workout / training experience … I highly recommend you just use other people’s workouts that are designed with the goals you have in mind – for yourself, or for your training clients.

This way, you can focus on the workouts themselves … getting better at the movements … working hard … getting it done … and all the while, save yourself a TON of time.

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

PS – A great new resource to get started with the done-for-you programming stuff – for trainers and trainees alike – is on sale this week. I picked up a copy and am loving it and already using some of the ideas in my own workouts, and with clients. Learn more and get YOUR copy at the link below:

=> 101 Bootcamp Conditioning Circuits


Meet LeAnne :)

by admin on September 10, 2016

LeAnne is a distance coaching client of mine that is CRUSHING her goals right now, and I want to give her a shout out!

She is consistently losing 5-10 pounds per month, AND hitting new personal bests in her workouts every week.

Three things LeAnne is doing, that YOU can do too if you want similar results:

1 – Dedication

I knew right away when we started working together that LeAnne was 100% IN, and committed to reaching her goals. Because from day one, she has been meticulous about logging her workouts, checking in to let me know how the program is going, sending me form videos to review when needed, and logging her food.

This is the type of dedication and commitment it takes to reach your goals. No shortcuts or magic bullets. Just consistent hard work.

2 – Focusing on getting STRONG

Focusing on STRENGTH in LeAnne’s workouts is making a HUGE difference. She is gaining lean muscle, losing weight rapidly, and seriously transforming her body.

I can see the difference in her progress photos, big time … and it seems like every couple of weeks, I’m getting a message from her saying that she is fitting into a smaller size dress or pants!

3 – Eating clean

Focusing on lean proteins, veggies, fruits, healthy fats … drinking plenty of water … and avoiding processed carbs / sugars … is SIMPLE … but NOT easy.

There are many things that go into changing your eating and doing it on a consistent basis – and it’s a lot more than just handing you a meal plan to follow.

BUT … once LeAnne got this piece dialed in … she is losing a consistent 5-10 pounds, each and every month.


LeAnne – GREAT work, keep it up.

She is a great inspiration for all of us.

And, we can learn a lot from what’s working now in her training program.

Rock on, have a great weekend –

– Forest


Your KB Workout for Today

by admin on September 8, 2016

The purpose of today’s post is to give you an idea of how I run my Elite KB Coaching program.

As one of my Elite KB Coaching Clients, you have a workout that you follow each day, that is custom designed for you, your specific goals, equipment you have access to and time you have available to train, etc (the one below is just an example) –

And of course, I give you videos that show you how to do each movement with perfect form – again the workout below is just for example purposes.

So you follow the workout exactly as outlined by me … you record how it went, how much weight you used for each exercise, if you have questions about proper technique when doing any of the moves, or anything else …

And we work TOGETHER in this way towards your goals.

Can you see how POWERFUL this is?


Here is your workout for today:

(warm up, do each exercise for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds between moves, repeat for 2 rounds total) – seal jacks, side lunge with skip, inchworm with push up, bodyweight SLDL

1 – Barbell Deadlift – 5 sets, 3 reps each, work up to 87% of one rep max on last set.  Rest approx 3 mins between sets.  Take a quick video with your phone and send it to me to review to check form.

2 – 4 Rounds, As Fast As Possible –

– double KB push press – 5 reps
– KB snatch – reps / side
– burpee – 5 reps

(stretch tight muscle groups to cool down)


Now that workout is short and efficient … but it is specifically designed for someone who is looking to gain more total body strength … lean muscle … and keep their conditioning levels up.

It’s one of three workouts they would do per week.

And it’s custom designed with the equipment they have available to train with in mind – just like your workout will be.

SO …

If you are looking to make a SERIOUS body transformation using kettlebells as your training tool of choice …

If you have some KB training experience, but are looking to take it to the next level …

If you have no major injuries or limitations with your workouts …

And you can commit to working HARD …

You can inquire about one of the four spots I have remaining in my Elite KB Coaching program by filling out the short form at the link below:


And I’ll get back with you ASAP.

Thanks – train hard – and have a great day! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor


Labor Day Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout

by admin on September 5, 2016

It’s Labor Day.

That’s why we kicked it off with some HARD WORK!


But since you missed this morning’s workout at FVT – and you’re probably training at home instead – I’m going to bring the gym to YOU.

All you need is about 20 minutes to get it done:


Labor Day Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout

Set your timer for 40 seconds on / 20 seconds off. You’ll do as many reps as you can of each exercise in 40 seconds, rest for 20 between moves (and 60 between rounds), and complete the full circuit three times:

– skater hops
– close push ups
– swing lunges
– recline row
– burpee
– cross body mountain climber


Crank that one today – or ANY time – to burn some fat, build some lean muscle, and skyrocket your metabolism.

And keep training hard! –

– Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp
Certified Personal Trainer

PS – We will be accepting applications for the FVT Elite Coaching program later this week.

This is where we work together one-on-one to help you reach your fitness goals.

It’s all done via distance format – so if you’re committed to making it happen, this program is open to folks anywhere in the world.

Keep an eye on your email inbox if you’re interested.


Handstand push ups are one of my favorite bodyweight exercises.

Got a guest post for you today from my friend Logan Christopher on 8 great reasons WHY they are so awesome – and why you should be doing them!


8 Reasons to do Handstand Pushups
by Logan Christopher, author, the Ultimate Guide to Handstand Push Ups

Handstand pushup benefits are many. Some might even call it one of the greatest exercises ever invented. On that note here are eight reasons you should do them …

1 – Handstand pushups strengthen the triceps, shoulders and chest

The triceps are the muscles on the backs of the upper arms. They are used in extending the arm at the elbow. The shoulders or deltoid muscles are used in raising the arm overhead. The chest or pectoral muscles primarily bring the arms forward. Depending on how much arch is used in your handstand pushups, you can use these muscles more or less.

With different variations of these exercises you’ll emphasize or downplay these muscles to different degrees. But these aren’t the only muscles in use …

2 – Strengthens many stabilizer muscles

In order to keep your body overhead you need more than just the prime movers to be firing. For example, the lats, the big muscles on the back, will be used to stabilize your body in air. In fact, a number of people have reported their pullup numbers going up just from doing handstand pushups.

Part of the reason for this is covered in the next point …

3 – Requires coordination and balance

The handstand pushup requires more coordination and balance than handling a similar weight in the military press for instance. While this isn’t to say that a barbell doesn’t take any coordination or balance, any handstand position simply takes more. Just remember the first time you kicked up into a handstand against a wall. Chances are you weren’t quite sure where your body was in space. And this is doing a handstand against the wall, not even in the open.

So while the balance isn’t a huge part of this move, it is in there. There are many people that can push a barbell equal to their weight overhead but don’t have the coordination necessary to do handstand pushups.

4 – Can be handled very progressively

Unfortunately, many people believe that the handstand pushup is just one exercise with not much variation in it. This is far from the truth. Did you know that just changing the position of your arms can dramatically change the difficulty of this exercise? The same is true with your head position too.

There are also other methods like doing partials that can make this exercise suitable for just about every level. For a whole lot more on progressing with handstand pushups click here:

Ultimate Guide to Handstand Push Ups

5 – Can be an effective muscle builder

Handstand pushups are a good exercise to build muscle. When done for higher reps, you can certainly add size to your shoulders and arms especially. They may not equal a barbell in gaining mass for one simple reason. As you’re adding muscle you’re gaining weight, and that is going to make this exercise harder, as opposed to any weight lifting exercise.

6 – Handstands provides the benefits of inversion

Inversions are known to provide a number of benefits by themselves. This can be something simple like a headstand but handstand pushups certainly count. These benefits include reversing the flow of gravity, which can add in circulation, even clearing mental cobwebs as oxygen supply increases to the brain.

7 – Wrist strength and flexibility

The typical handstand position requires the hands to be bent back 90 degrees. This serves to build both strength and flexibility throughout the wrist. Fingertip strength increases because of how you’ll grip the ground during the pushup too.

Of course, many people lack the wrist flexibility to safely do this exercise without pain. This covers great ways to sidestep this issue as well as build up your flexibility:

Ultimate Guide to Handstand Push Ups

8 – Handstand pushups are an impressive skill few people can do

This may be the most important benefit of handstand pushups. When you can do these effortlessly you are in a class above most people. This skill can be made much harder in a number of ways too, which will make it even more impressive, like doing full range handstand pushups, one arm handstand pushups, or doing them freestanding.

If you’re looking to impress your friends, family or a member of the opposite sex it’s worth a shot to improve your handstand pushups. ;)


Great stuff Logan!

Thanks for sharing with FVT readers.

If you want all these benefits and more, make sure to check out the Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups here. There’s a special discount on this page only:

Ultimate Guide to Handstand Push Ups

I’m off to go practice my handstand push ups!

– Forest Vance
Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor
Master of Science, Human Movement