Press / Leg Raise Ladder Workout + Last Call for KB Strong

Imagine yourself, six weeks from today.

You’re feeling stronger, and looking great.

It’s March 5th – spring is almost here – and your winter layer is gone.

You’re ready for swimsuit season a couple of months early! lol

All of your friends will be asking how you did it?

You’ll reply – Kettlebell Strong!

You’ll have done it using workouts like the one below – AND just as importantly, with the coaching and support of the rest of the group.

Info and sign up for the Kettlebell Strong – 6 Week Intensive here => Kettlebell Strong – 6 Week Coaching Program


KB Press / Leg Raise Ladder Workout

Ladder sets are a great way to vary your rep schemes while making your kettlebell workout more interesting and challenging.

(That’s why we’re using them heavily in the upcoming Kettlebell Strong 6 Week Intensive.)

Here is an example from Workout B, Week 1 of the program:

1 – KB Presses (M suggested weight = 35 to 53 pounds; W suggested weight 18 to 35 pounds)

Do four ladders up to 3 reps each. The pressing ladders will look like this:

C+P right
C+P left
clean, 2 presses right
clean, 2 presses left
clean, 3 presses right
clean, 3 presses left

2 – BETWEEN sets of KB presses – do (5) hanging leg raises – to the level of progression you feel comfortable with shown in the video below.

(kb press)
(hanging leg raise progression)


KB Strong is NOT just a bunch of workouts you’re given and wished the best of luck to complete on your own.

We’ll be there to help you and coach you and motivate you every step of the way.

So if you’re ready to rock – sign up using the link below:

=> Kettlebell Strong – 6 Week Coaching Program

And we look forward to working with you!

– Forest and the FVT Team

PS – Did you see the health and fitness giveaway event we have going this weekend? Some awesome and 100% FREE downloadable training courses are available for the next couple of days on the page linked to below:

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Kettlebell Success Story – Meet Mark!

Today, I want to introduce you to Mark.

Mark is a successful kettlebell student of mine, and completed a six training program similar to Kettlebell Strong.

He was training on his own prior to us working together, with some success …

But as you’ll see in his success story below, it was the kettlebell training that took off the last 25 pounds, has helped him KEEP the weight off, as well as helping him to increase strength, overall fitness, and truly change his life!


Mark Blasted His Fat Loss Plateau with Kettlebells

“I started doing some bodybuilding type exercises in my garage. I tried to set up a little garage gym with some dumbbells and a weight bench. I got myself down to about 190 and kind of getting back into shape and started to do a little bit of running. But then I started to get bored and I had kind of hit the wall and I wasn’t saying any more progress.

A friend of mine had been working out with Forest and seeing some results and mentioned that Forest had a kettlebell class.

So I said, ‘okay, that sounds interesting. I’ve never seen these kettlebells before but anything that can be described as a cannonball with a handle, I’m going to check that out.’

So I signed up for the kettlebell class. It was a six week class and it kicked my butt every class but I loved it. It burned me out, I was tired but I felt great and I was excited about my workouts again. The other things about the kettlebells is that I ordered a couple and it was a workout that I could do at home. So it was easy. No excuse to not work out.

So I’m working out with kettlebells at home, getting the strength but also getting the endurance. Getting blasted and I started seeing myself losing weight again. I’ve been working out with the kettlebells, doing a little more running. I’ve actually signed up with Forest and we did some one-on-one training for awhile and Forest helped me get my strength up a little bit and showed me some more workouts that I could do at home. Also some variations on the workouts with the kettlebells at home, integrating some of the things that I had been doing.

Here I am today down between 165 and 170. I’m never bored with my workouts because I can always switch it up. I know that I have a wide variety of things that I can do at home if I can’t make it to the gym. I’m always able to mix it up and keep it fresh.”


YOU can get these kind of results with kettlebell training too!

The place to start with 100% FREE kettlebell workouts and training tips, is in my email newsletter and/or blog at

The next place to go – if you want the workouts, but want to give it a go on your own – would be with either (entry – level KB program) OR (for fit pros and serious lifters).

And finally, if you want my PERSONAL help in reaching your training goals as FAST as possible, would be to get involved in one of my higher-level coaching programs.

*KB STRONG kicks off Monday. We still have a few spots open, but they are going fast. All info on the program and sign up link here => “Kettlebell Strong” 6 Week Intensive

Go grab your kettlebell and start working! –

– Forest Vance
Owner, Head Trainer, Forest Vance Training, Inc.
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Certified Calisthenics Instructor
Certified Barbell Instructor
Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach


KB STRONG – Week 1 (1.23.17)

The “Kettlebell Strong” 6 week Intensive starts Monday!


Your first task is to do the baseline fitness testing and report your results. We want to see where you are at – as well as give you a benchmark for improvement when we test at the end of the program!

This is the standard fitness testing we do at our facility. If you qualify for the grey or black band standard AND get it on video, we will send you a band in the mail.


Here is an overview what your kettlebell workouts will look like for the first week:

1 – 5 minute movement / mobility flow – daily – first thing in the morning OR whenever is most convenient for you

2 – KB STRONG workouts – 3 days – Mon / Weds / Fri OR days that are most convenient for you – upper body focus (day 1); lower body focus (day 2); total body / metcon focus (day 3) – approx 30-40 mins each

3 – HIIT workouts – 2 days – Tues / Thurs OR days that are most convenient for you – sprint / bike / jump rope / YOUR CHOICE of modality – approx 15-20 mins each

4 – (optional but encouraged) – MOVEMENT – walk / bike / hike / swim / etc – EVERY day for 30 mins +

TOTAL TIME REQUIRED PER WEEK = 2-3 hours (plus optional daily movement)


Equipment needs are:

– 2 KBs (1 light, 1 heavy)
– access to pull up bar OR suspension trainer


We will be there in your corner every step of the way! After every workout, we ask that you post in the FB group.

At minimum, simply report “Week 1 – Workout A Complete” –

Additional comments / questions / etc are also encouraged!

Any time you’d like to post a video for critique / form correction, PLEASE do – we are happy to help.

You’ll also do your more extensive check in at the end of each week in the group.

And your baseline fitness testing at the beginning and end of the program will be the true gauge of progress.


You’ll also get a copy of my “Kettlebell Training Basics” package – 12 to 18 additional weeks of kettlebell workouts – so that you will have workouts to use moving forward after the initial six week training is over (these will be delivered on completion of the program).


We look forward to working with you.

Please complete the personal info / medical history form below:

=> “Kettlebell Strong” 6 Week Intensive – Info / Medical History / Payment form

(By signing up for the program we assume that you are cleared to exercise and ready to rock. If you have any issues you are working with or have questions of any kind, shoot me an email and let me know and I am happy to help.)

Complete payment on the next page …

And check your email for further instructions on what to do next.

Thanks! –

– Forest Vance and the FVT Team


(personal story) The Power of Keeping Your Word

Sometimes, bad things happen.

But ultimately, YOU choose how to react.

You can sit around and feel sorry for yourself and dwell on the negative …

Or you can look at the positive in the situation, think about the lessons learned, and move on with your life.

You see, several weeks ago, Peter B contacted me about joining a 6 week online coaching program that I run.

He asked us many questions before joining as to if the program was going to be right for him.

And we were happy to help, as we always are!

So he ended up signing up for and starting the course a couple of weeks later.

I spent several hours of my personal time with Peter in the first week of the program – helping and coaching him and getting him set on the right track … as I always am willing to do with new members / clients, if that’s what it takes.

Everything was going great!

But then, about 8 days in to the six week program, Peter messaged us suddenly, and asked for a refund.

He had no complaints about the course itself, but a personal issue came up, and he needed the money.

Now at first, I was shocked. He was clearly taking advantage of the refund policy. It is intended for folks to review the course and see if it is right for them. No one has EVER asked for a refund on ANY program in my entire business life after working with me on such an intensive and personal level.

Truth is – I felt totally and completely taken advantage of.

HOWEVER – there is a 60 day unconditional refund policy on the program. And I knew that at the end of the day, I had to keep my word.

I stand by this each and every day of my business and life. If I SAY I am going to do something, I DO IT.

YES – the $200 cost of the course and the hours of time I spent with him I will never get back – BUT, the big lesson learned, and the ability to share it with YOU in this message!, is well worth it in the end.

Stand by your values. Keep your word. Think of the positive in bad situations. Know that YOU will win in the end if you do the right thing – and those doing the WRONG thing will lose.

And keep on pushing!!

Have an awesome day, and talk soon –

– Forest


“Kettlebell Strong” – 6 Week Intensive is LIVE!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

A big THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to express interest in one of my 6 week “intensive” program ideas yesterday 🙂

I sent out messages – to groups of folks who had shown interest in specific topics in the past – with ideas for:

— A 6 week “Kettlebell Strong” Intensive
— A 6 week “Bodyweight Strong” Intensive
— A 6 week “Barbell Basics” Intensive
— A 6 week “Strength Coach Business Basics” Intensive

We got the most responses on the Kettlebell Strong program – by a long shot.

So that’s the one we’re going to roll with!

Sorry if you expressed interest in another one of the programs – we did get at least a few responses back on all of them – so we will consider running one of these other program ideas in the future!

But for now – registration for the “Kettlebell Strong” – 6 Week Intensive is LIVE!

And the program starts on Monday, January 23rd.

KETTLEBELL STRONG is a 6 week, small group, online coaching program where the focus is getting STRONG with kettlebell training … so that you can get stronger and make faster progress towards your fitness goals in 2017!

You’ll work with me and/or one of my trained and highly qualified trainers throughout the program.

We’ll start with some baseline fitness testing (check your confirmation email on registration for instructions).

You’ll then get a very specific plan to follow for the 6 weeks.

You will be required to check in regularly via email and/or the private FB group (check your confirmation email on registration for instructions).

You’ll have the ability to post videos of yourself doing the kettlebell movements for form review throughout the program (check our confirmation email on sign up for instructions).

We’ll finish with testing again at the end of the six weeks to see how you have progressed!

You’ll also get a copy of my “Kettlebell Training Basics” package – 12 to 18 additional weeks of kettlebell workouts – so that you will have workouts to use moving forward after the initial six week training is over (these will be delivered on completion of the program).

The cost is $97 for the six weeks.

Not a small investment, but also very high VALUE for the amount of coaching and individual attention you’d get – and also significantly less that my regular Elite Coaching program.

Ready to sign up? Complete the personal info / medical history form below.

(By signing up for the program we assume that you are cleared to exercise and ready to rock. If you have any issues you are working with or have questions of any kind, shoot me an email and let me know and I am happy to help.)

=> “Kettlebell Strong” 6 Week Intensive – Info / Medical History / Payment form

Complete payment on the next page …

And check your email for further instructions on what to do next.

We look forward to working with you!!

– Forest Vance and the FVT Team

PS – I got a couple of responses yesterday from folks that were “put off” by the pricing of this program.

And I totally understand.

But also realize – this is an intensive, small group, very hands – on program … you get a lot of personal attention from me and/or my training staff … and that’s why we charge the price that we do.

This is what we do for a living, and we have to pay the bills, haha! 🙂

You can always go to my blog at, where you’ll find literally hundreds of kettlebell workouts in the archives – 100% free. Always have been, always will be.

You can also check out for a program that is a lower cost, and more self-directed.

So there is something truly for everyone.

This “intensive” program is for folks who want to take things to the NEXT LEVEL with even MORE focus, attention, coaching, and accountability.

The folks who know it’s the right fit I am confident will see it right away!

We look forward to working with you!

=> “Kettlebell Strong” 6 Week Intensive – Info / Medical History / Payment form


(video) 5 Tips for a Bigger Deadlift

* This is a new VIDEO version of a popular article I did at the end of 2016 on 5 Tips for a Bigger Deadlift.

* Serious lifters / fit pros looking for high-level deadlift tips and programming may want to skip ahead to here.

Watch the video below:

Here are the tips covered in the video, for your reference:

1 – Set up with the bar just in front of your shins, but not touching them. When you reach down to grab the bar, your shins should touch it.

2 – Take the slack out of the bar when you set up and get ready to lift.

This will feel a bit like you’re pulling up on the bar and driving your feet into the ground at the same time. Another way to think about it is like you’re wedging yourself between the bar and the ground.

3 – Get your back flat.

Your shoulders should be down and back, your back flat, and your upper back tight and positioned right over the bar on your set up.

4 – The bar path should be straight up and down.

NOT around your knees, out in front of your body, etc.

5 – Stick with the double overhand grip for as long as possible.

At some point, when the weight gets higher, you’ll have to switch to the mixed grip. But the double overhand grip is most symmetrical and easiest on your body.


This video is a mini tutorial on the deadlift. It’s a great start, and the tips in it should go a long way towards helping you perform the movement safely and effectively.

HOWEVER – I’m well aware that some people – serious lifters, fitness professionals – will want to take it further.  And for that you’re obviously going to need a lot more than a three minute training video.

Here is my recommendation for a course that gets RAVE reviews in the strength community.  You’ve probably never heard of it – but if are SERIOUS about taking your deadlifts to the next level, you can’t afford to miss it:

=> Off the Floor – Deadlift Domination


Train hard, talk soon! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Barbell Instructor


Bodyweight – Only “Shock and Awe” Strength Workout

For the last couple of days, we have been talking about this concept of “Anabolic Running” –

Today I am going to share something with you that will take your results to the next level.

You see, after your Anabolic Running workout, you will have human growth hormone elevated in your blood stream.

You can take advantage of this, and get even BETTER results, by performing a “Shock and Awe” strength workout (example below) within the first 2 hours after your Anabolic Running workout.

It’s a simple technique – but HIGHLY powerful:


Shock and Awe Strength Workout
(exercise explainations / video walk – thrus found in the Anabolic Running program)

Complete three rounds with minimal rest:

75 bodyweight squats
30 push ups
10 pull ups
30 dips
30 Australian curls
120 seconds up downs


That’s a single workout from the Shock and Awe program.

Give it a test run, and see if it’s for you.

There are 24 total phases like this one for you to go through.

As you can see – this zero-equipment strength and physique – building system that will get you an attention – commanding body with jaw-dropping functional strength is WELL worth the cost of the Anabolic Running program in ITSELF –

But you get it FREE with your purchase.

Another great reason to check out the program and get your copy today:

=> Anabolic Running

Again – give today’s workout a test run to see if it’s for you … then go get the full Anabolic Running program to take your gainz to the next level!

Train hard, talk soon –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer


Anabolic Running Workouts [for men only]

Anabolic running

Sounds weird, right?

Well, if YOU are a man …

Or if you are a fit pro, and you work with male clients …

This is powerful stuff.

You see – there was a recent study published by the US National Library of Medicine.

It confirmed that testosterone levels are lower in endurance running males than in guys who don’t even workout.

The Study also said endurance training can damage the male reproductive system.

(More on that specific study HERE)

On the OTHER hand … it turns out that running done the RIGHT way … can:

– Boost test levels for guys
– Create hard muscle that looks great and functions like an athlete
– Ramp up sex drive
– Increase blood flow to male “hardware”
– Increase evolutionary “attraction-signals” for attracting the opposite sex

And much more.


A huge thing to get these benefits, and do running “right”, is to make sure that you are reaching what’s know as the lactic threshold in your training.

A recent exercise test at the university of North Caroline confirmed, participants exposed to the lactic threshold for 30 seconds experienced a 530% increase in growth hormone.

(More on that specific study HERE)

And a great way to do this is by using what’s called the Anabolic Running method.

Now to get all the details on how everything is set up, you’ll want to get the Anabolic Running program – but here is a sample week of workouts, to give you an idea of what an Anabolic Running workout would look like:



*If you are currently moderately active
*Start here before attempting higher level workouts
*Use nasal breathing trick (described in course)
*Be sure to warm up properly
*EASE into these workouts, especially if you have been inactive for a while

– Warm up (before every workout) – high knees + butt kicks + neck roll + shoulder circles + push up shoulder tap + walking lunge w twist + squat jumps (easy pace, 20 seconds each, two rounds total)

– Workout A (Tuesday) – Sprint 30 seconds. Rest for at least two minutes. Repeat four times.

– Workout B (Thursday) – Uphill sprint – 30 seconds. Rest for at least two minutes. Repeat four times.

– Workout C (Saturday) – Weighted vest uphill sprint – 30 seconds. Rest for at least two minutes. Repeat four times.


Again, this sample workout week is taken out of context – so you really need to see the full system to understand how it all fits together – but it at least gives you an idea.

The big idea is that if you are a man, and you want to get the full fat burning AND hormone – boosting effects that running can provide, you’ll want to approach it in this specific way.

Try one of the workouts above (again – be careful and ease into it!) – and see how powerful it is.

And look forward to hearing about your results!

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

PS – The Anabolic Running method method is a GREAT add-on to your current kettlebell / bodyweight / barbell training program. Access the full program here:

=> Anabolic Running


Muscle – Building Cardio? (NOT what you think)

Should you do cardio if you’re trying to build muscle and lose fat at the same time?

Yes …

… and no :)

Here’s the thing.

Too much “cardio” can tear down muscle, and make you smaller and weaker.

But not doing ANY will lead to accumulating extra fat.

It all comes down to taking the right approach to lose fat and build muscle at the same time.

It’s explained in detail in this article:

=> How to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle with 16 Minutes Per Week of Running

Joe LoGalbo – testosterone hacker, former “low-T” victim, and obstacle racing performance specialist – has come up with this body transforming “Cardio Solution”.

His ideas are SO powerful, because the truth is, the way most people run or jog is not a great long-term exercise solution.

But Joe’s program is VERY different.

You see – we do sprints – the way Joe does them in this program – at FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training.  And I can confidently say that this is the missing ingredient that when added into the program took our client’s body transformation results to the next level.

Read more and check it out for yourself:

=> Muscle – Building Cardio? (NOT what you think)

One last thing.  If due to injury or any other reason, you think running is not for you –

“Sprinting” can be done in many ways.  It can be done on a bike. It can be done indoors. It can be done by sprinting in place.  It can even be done on an upper – body ergometer.

Joe breaks down the details of these “alternate” sprinting methods in his article – so I encourage you to check it out for yourself:

=> How to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle with 16 Minutes Per Week of Running

But the bottom line is, keep an open mind :)

Have a great day, train hard, and talk soon! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer


Live Business Event for KB Pros – Saturday, Feb 18th in Sacramento, CA


We have an online business implementation boot camp scheduled for Feb 18th, 2017 in Sacramento, CA.

It is directed specifically towards current / aspiring kettlebell pros who are looking to free their time, help people around the world, and increase their income.

This message is your official invite!

Folks who have gone through, or are currently going through, the Unchained – 6 Week Online Business Bootcamp for Trainers and Coaches, got a free ticket.

But I have 3 spots left, so I am opening it up to anyone who would like to attend.

This is your chance to get individualized and specific advice on your business from me, live and in person.

I’ll give you my blueprint to scale your online business to six figures per year and beyond.

And you will also have the chance to network, and learn from other fit pros about what’s working in their businesses!

$97 reserves your spot.

Fill out the link below with your info and make payment to reserve your spot:

You’ll get address of the venue where we are holding the event, and other details, when you register.

If you have any questions, hit me back and let me know – I am happy to help.

Look forward to seeing you there!

– Forest Vance